L. A. Vikhreva

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We studied interaction between S-ethynyl ethers of phosphorus acids with cytochrome P-450 from rat liver and housefly abdomen. High thionic effect, i.e., considerable selectivity for the studied compounds in homoiotherms and arthropods, proved to the related to the triple bond in these compounds. Apparently, cytochrome P-450 participates in(More)
Here we present data on the anticholinesterase activity of 58 synthesized ethers of phosphorus thioacids with an acetylene bond in the thioether group. Anticholinesterase activity of the compounds, with acetylene group in beta and especially alpha position, in the thioether radical is many times that of their saturated analogs. Reaction between the enzymes(More)
Studies have been made of the effect of organophosphorus inhibitors (OPI) containing butynilic group in the detectable part of the molecule, and of their saturated analogues on cholinesterases from different species of mammals and arthropods. In all cases without a single exception, acetylene compounds exhibited higher anticholinesterase effect than(More)
The Symposium was held on August 16 to 19, 1972 in Kiev. It was organized by the A. A. Bogomolets Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, with the participation of the Scientific Committee for Combined Problems in Biophysics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and the Ukrainian Physiological Society. It was attended by 73 Soviet(More)
Under voltage clamp conditions proof of the presence of two populations of potassium current channels was obtained on the molluscan neuron somatic membrane: inactivated and uninactivated. They differ from each other in their physicochemical characteristics, the property of their gating mechanisms, and the molecular structure of their current-conducting(More)
from IV and 10.68 g of IIIf, 1 h at 100~ A 100-ml portion of water was added to the reaction mixture and IIf was extracted with ether. The extract was dried and evaporated. A 17.5-g portion of 60% HzSO 4 was added to the residue (14 g). Yield 2.05 g (16%). bp i00 ~ I06~ mm. IR spectrum, Vma x, liquid: 750 (l,2-disubstituted benzene ring), ii00 (C-<)-C),(More)
Introduction of the triple bond in the leaving group of the organophosphorus inhibitor molecule gives a sharp raise of the inhibitor activity but does not change principal characteristics of the cholinesterase inhibition mechanism. The reactivation experiments suggest that inactivation of cholinesterases by these compounds occurs due to phosphorylating of(More)
The delayed potassium current in mollusc neurons was separated into two components: a noninactivating component and a transient (inactivating) component. A noninactivating potassium current is not affected by changes in temperature, whereas an inactivating component decreases substantially under cooling. Internal Na+ can block the delayed outward potassium(More)