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[Isolation of Actinomycetales from the soil of Kazakhstan on selective media with antibiotics].
About 3000 actinomycetes were isolated from various soil samples collected in 11 regions of Kazakhstan. 62.7 per cent of them proved to be antagonists. For isolation of the strains, selective mediaExpand
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[Structure of the pentaene antibiotic roseofungin].
Roseofungin is a pentaene antibiotic of the subgroup of carbonyl conjugated pentaenes. Oxidation of the antibiotic perhydroderivative in succession with potassium permanganate and chromic anhydrideExpand
[Identification with roseofungin of an antibiotic produced by Streptomyces roseoflavus strain A-23/791 and its undifferentiated variant].
Isolation, purification and chemical identification of an antibiotic produced by strain IMV A-23/791 of Streptomyces roseoflavus and its adifferentiated variant are described. The antibiotic inhibitsExpand
[Virus-inhibiting properties of the carbonyl-conjugated pentaene roseofungin].
The antiinfluenza activity of roseofungin, a polyenic macrolide antibiotic was studied in vitro on surviving fragments of the chick embryo chorionallantoic membranes and in ovo on growing chickExpand