L. A. Vernigorova

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In experiments with mice, the efficiency of radioprotective agents against acute gamma-irradiation with nonlethal and low doses (0.5-4 Gy) was estimated by nine parameters. The treatment with cystamine, cysteamine and riboxine prior to irradiation (< 2 Gy) did not influence the postirradiation values of the parameters under study. With a dose of up to 4 Gy,(More)
A study was made of the effectiveness of a new class of radioprotective agents, polypeptides, obtained from zootoxins of scorpion, tarantula, Lathrodectes tredecimguttatus, and bee under conditions of a short-term and long-term irradiation. The peptide fraction of the scorpion venom, butoxin, was most radioprotective: it provided 65% survival after LD98/30.(More)
The present study is devoted to the investigation of effectiveness of combined prophylactic administration of riboxin and algisorbum at 239Pu per oral intake and possible mechanisms of their interaction, and also to comparative estimation of effectiveness of combined administration of the preparations at per oral and intra peritoneal methods of riboxin(More)
succinic acid," Author's Abstract of Doctoral Dissertation, Pushchino (1971). 5. M. N. Kondrashova, in: The Therapeutic Action of Succinic Acid [in Russian], Pushchino (1976), pp. 8-30. 6. R. D. Ozrina and A~ D. Vinogradov, in: Mitochondria. Structure and Functions under Normal and Pathological Conditions [in Russian], Moscow (1971), pp. 105-199. 7. L. A.(More)
The content of the various fractions of 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in the urine of healthy monkeys (Macaca rhesus) was studied by adsorption chromatography in a thin layer of kieselguhr. Besides cortisol, which accounts for about 20–25% of the total quantity of metabolites determined, cortisone, tetrahydrocortisol, tetrahydrocortisone and, in some cases,(More)
Therapeutic efficacy of ampicillin on mice subjected to total irradiation with gamma-rays in a dose of 850 Gy and the effect of the antibiotic therapy on adrenocortical function in the irradiated animals were studied. It was found that the daily use of ampicillin over a period of the 3rd to the 10th day after the irradiation increased the survival rate of(More)
The concentrations of cyclic nucleotides (cAMP and cGMP) were measured in blood plasma of dogs subjected to extracorporeal hemocarboperfusion. In spite of complete and irreversible absorption of cyclic nucleotides by the coal absorbent, SKN-2M, the concentration of cGMP in plasma remained within normal. The concentration of cAMP increased 1.5-2.5-fold. The(More)
Experiments on normal dogs were made to study the effect of hemosorption on some of the characteristics marking down the hemostatic system: the content of platelets and fibrinogen, the times of plasma recalcification and euglobulin lysis, the prothrombin time, the ethanol and protamine sulfate tests, and fibrinase activity. Hemosorption produces no abrupt(More)