L A Vannerson

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Serial ultrasonographic examinations were performed on 8 Beagle bitches from 20 to 60 days pregnant to determine time of first detection, appearance, and sizes of selected features of pregnancy. Gestation was timed from the day of the preovulatory luteinizing hormone surge. Findings related to gestational age were consistent among bitches. Gestational ages(More)
The acute and long term effects of dietary restrictions on gonadotropin secretion were studied in ovariectomized female lambs. Nutritionally growth-restricted lambs which were chronically maintained at a body weight comparable to that at weaning (approximately 20 kg) became hypogonadotropic, exhibiting a low frequency of episodic LH discharges. Repeated(More)
Previous studies show that limited nutrition in the ovariectomized lamb results in an impairment of LH and FSH secretion, a phenomenon that is rapidly reversible by increasing the level of nutrition and independent of ovarian steroid feedback. The present study characterizes the biosynthesis of pituitary hormones in the nutritionally growth-limited female(More)
Growth retardation induced by dietary restriction in the lamb results in a low frequency of episodic LH secretion and, thus, delayed puberty. Such lambs respond normally to physiological doses of GnRH, indicating that the pituitary gland can function adequately during diet-induced hypogonadotropism. The current studies investigated central mechanisms(More)
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