L. A. Sleptsova

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Transient expression of recombinant plasmids carrying the lacZ gene under the control of either bovine alphaS1-casein gene tissue-specific promoter-enhancer region or highly homologous goat alphaS1-casein gene promoter-enhancer region with supplementary regulatory sequences of the goat gene were studied in Misgurnus fossilis L. loach embryos. It has been(More)
The fertilized loach eggs were injected, before the beginning of cleavage, with the nuclear dye Hoechst 33258 and left to develop until the late blastula stage. Some cells of the dorsal area of stained blastoderm were transplanted in the analogous area of intact embryos of the same age, which led to an earlier and more pronounced development of head and(More)
The analysis of kinetic curve of redox potential changes (ORP) of aqueous medium in the process of loach embryo population development at 17°C was conducted. The system of critical points defining periodization of the major stages of embryo development was identified on the ORP curve in the time interval up to τ0 using novel methods for processing of(More)