L. A. Safronova

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Screening of producers of proteases among 367 strains of microorganisms has been carried out. A capacity to synthesize the enzymes was revealed in 25% of the studied strains of Bacillus genus (from 0.0054 to 0.892 un./mg of protein) and in 35% of the yeasts of Yarrowia genus (0.95 to 1.349 un./mg of protein). Elastase, gelatinase, caseinolytic, fibrinolytic(More)
Dynamics of cell biomass accumulation and secretion to the medium extracellular polysaccharides and amino acids has been studied in Bacillus subtilis cultures No No 39 and 51 used to produce healing biopreparations--probiotics. The investigation data indicate to certain relation between these processes. EPS secretion in the studied cultures proceeded(More)
The taxonomic position and biological activities of two Bacillus strains used in veterinary probiotics were studied in this work. These microorganisms inhibit growth of a broad spectrum of pathogenic cultures. They synthesize proteolytic enzymes and other biologically active metabolites, and to some extent, supplement each other with probiotic activities.(More)
Preparations of alpha-amylase have been obtained as a result of screening of Bacillus subtilis strains. They can hydrolyse starch at a temperature from 60 to 95 degrees C at acidic and alkaline values of pH and hold stability during 2-3 hours. Alpha-Amylase of B. subtilis 147 with optimum pH 9.1 which displayed activity at 95 degrees C, proved to be(More)
Peculiarities of quantitative and qualitative composition of microbiocenosis of the oral cavity in healthy children and children with chronic aphthous recurrent stomatitis have been studied. Strains of microorganisms (n = 259) have been isolated and identified. The results obtained showed that the studied biotope is characterised by a wide spectrum of(More)
The expediency of complex recovery treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients on the base of artificial rock salt aerosol medium (haloaerosoltherapy) and probiotic drug subalin intake was grounded. It was revealed that additional prescription of subalin results in the more expressed lipoperoxidation's inhibition, especially in(More)
The paper deals with lytic activity of 226 strains belonging to 13 species of Bacillus genus, isolated from various econiches, in respect of the cells of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans as representatives of Gram-positive, Gram-negative and yeast groups of microorganisms. All the studied strains of bacilli displayed lytic(More)