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Forty-four Angus (n = 24) and Simmental (n = 20) steers, averaging 301 kg initially, were used to determine the effects of breed and Cu and Zn source (SO4 or proteinate (Prot) form) on Cu and Zn status of steers fed high dietary iron (Fe). Steers were stratified by weight within breed and randomly assigned to treatments. Treatments consisted of: 1) CuSO4 +(More)
In Exp. 1, Simmental (n = 21) and Angus (n = 21) heifers, approximately 9 mo of age, were used in a 160-d study to determine the effect of dietary Cu on growth and Cu status. Two- or three-yr-old first-calf heifers (21 Angus and 21 Simmental) entering into their last trimester of pregnancy were used in Exp. 2 to estimate Cu requirements of the two breeds(More)
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