L. A. Montoro

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Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) structures based on titanium dioxide have demonstrated reversible and non-volatile resistance-switching behavior and have been identified with the concept of the memristor. Microphysical studies suggest that the development of sub-oxide phases in the material drives the resistance changes. The creation of these phases, however,(More)
This work reports a detailed characterization of an anomalous oriented attachment behaviour for SnO(2) nanocrystals. Our results evidenced an anisotropic growth for two identical <110> directions, which are equivalent according to the SnO(2) crystallographic structure symmetry. A hypothesis is proposed to describe this behaviour.
Modeling of nanocrystals supported by advanced morphological and chemical characterization is a unique tool for the development of reliable nanostructured devices, which depends on the ability to synthesize and characterize materials on the atomic scale. Among the most significant challenges in nanostructural characterization is the evaluation of crystal(More)
This work reports the analysis of the distribution of Gd atoms and the quantification of O vacancies applied to individual CeO2 and Gd-doped CeO2 nanocrystals by electron energy-loss spectroscopy. The concentration of O vacancies measured on the undoped system (6.3±2.6 %) matches the expected value given the typical Ce(3+) content previously reported for(More)
The development of reliable nanostructured devices is intrinsically dependent on the description and manipulation of materials' properties at the atomic scale. Consequently, several technological advances are dependent on improvements in the characterization techniques and in the models used to describe the properties of nanosized materials as a function of(More)
Image simulation has an invaluable importance for the accurate analysis of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) results, especially due to its non-linear image formation mechanism. Because the as-obtained images cannot be interpreted in a straightforward fashion, the retrieval of both qualitative and quantitative information from HRTEM(More)
This work presents the morphological characterization of CeO2 nanocrystals by the analysis of single unfiltered high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF)-high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HRSTEM) images. The thickness of each individual atomic column is estimated by the classification of its HAADF integrated intensity using a Gaussian(More)
This work presents an overview of high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HRSTEM) techniques and exemplifies the novel quantitative characterization possibilities that have emerged from recent advances in these methods. The synergistic combination of atomic resolution imaging and spectroscopy provided by HRSTEM is highlighted as a unique(More)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C is published by the American Chemical Society. 1155 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036 Letter Revealing Quantitative 3D Chemical Arrangement on Ge#Si Nanostructures Luciano A. Montoro, Marina S. Leite, Daniel Biggemann, Fellipe G. Peternella, K. Joost Batenburg, Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro, and Antonio J. Ramirez(More)