L A Meyer-Reil

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At 12 stations located in sandy beach sediments of the brackish water Kiel Fjord and Kiel Bight (Baltic Sea, FRG), variations and interrelationships of microbiological, chemical, and physicochemical parameters were monitored. Depending upon location, wide variations of a number of parameters reflecting dissolved organic and inorganic nutrients, chlorophyll(More)
A technique is described for the determination of bacterial numbers and the spectrum of actively metabolizing cells on the same microscopic preparation by a combined autoradiography/epifluorescence microscopy technique. Natural bacterial populations incubated with [(3)H]glucose were filtered onto 0.2-mum Nuclepore polycarbonate membranes. The filters were(More)
Seasonal and spatial distributions of extracellular enzymatic activities and microbial incorporations of dissolved organic substrates were followed in sediments of the brackish water Kiel Bight (Baltic Sea, Federal Republic of Germany). Enzymatic hydrolysis of polymeric organic compounds was determined by means of fluorogenic substrates(More)
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