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Thirty eight children with large-cell anaplastic lymphomas have been recently treated at the Pediatric Department of Malignant Lymphomas, Russian Cancer Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Cytoimmunological studies have revealed that 24 patients had 4 types of cellular elements of large-cell anaplastic lymphoma: Kil(+), Kil(+)B, B-cell,(More)
The high efficiency of treatment of lymphogranulomatosis in children by the currently available protocols determines the necessity of assessing them in terms of the quality of further life. The opportunity of creating a life and having the offspring, that of getting education and a profession are one of the main characteristics of the quality of life. The(More)
The age dependence of haemoglobin denaturation temperature in the composition of erythrocytes is established. Children have a much more expressed correlation of this temperature depending on the type and stage of disease than the adult. It is found that children ill with leukemia have haemoglobin, the value of heat denaturation of which is decreased about(More)
Data have been presented on the observation of 80 children with acute myeloid leukemia, among them 26 patients who, in addition to chemotherapy, were given tactivin treatment. The authors have proved the necessity of long-term tactivin administration in acute myeloid leukemia (no less than 2-3 years). that permits not only reducing the incidence of(More)