L. A. Kovalevskaya

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To inc rea se the output of the adhes ive spread ing machines used in producing pepper p l a s t e r , it is nece s s a r y to a c c e l e r a t e the drying of the p l a s t e r , this being a l imit ing s tage in the product ion p r o c e s s . Because of the complexi ty of this p r o c e s s , the requ i red amount of peppe r l eukomass is applied to the(More)
In papers [1, 2] devoted to investigating the influence of the humidification of heat c a r r i e r (air) on the magnitude of the static potential {U) ar is ing it has been shown that the relative humidity of the a i r (~0) which is a function of the mois ture content (d) and the tempera ture (t) has a fundamental influence of the value of U. At values of(More)
The article describes known atherosclerosis predictors of endothelial origin, which are diagnostic criteria for identifying's early stages of atherosclerosis, and can prevent the development of this disease and are used to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy The authors analyzed the possibility of using heparin as an early marker of atherosclerosis,(More)
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