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Primary and secondary serum antibody responses to Haemonchus contortus were studied in Castellana sheep. Ten-month-old sheep were infected (200 L3/kg live weight (lw)) and challenged (400 L3/kg lw) or uninfected and equally challenged with H. contortus. Primary infections induced a partially protective response upon challenge, characterized by higher serum(More)
Sera from 53 sheep belonging to Castellano, Churro, Manchego, and Merino breeds were analyzed to test the diagnostic value of a 26-kD antigen from adult Haemonchus contortus at prepatency and early and late patency of experimental haemonchosis. Animals that received zero, 1, or 2 infections with the parasite were tested. In addition, sera from 20(More)
Resistance to primary and secondary infections with Haemonchus contortus was studied in 10-month-old Manchego and Merino sheep. No notable interbreed differences were observed after primary infections in the parameters determined (prepatency period, faecal egg output, abomasal worm burden). Previously infected sheep (200 L-3/kg live weight (lw)) from both(More)
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