L A Favorova

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As the result of epidemiological survey of diphtherial infection, carried out in conformity with the unified methodological recommendations in 21 regions of the RSFSR during 1980-1981, the expediency of such experiment was established. Immunity to diphtheria in children aged up to 14 years was high: children with negative Schick tests constituted(More)
The authors present experimental-epidemiological data permitting to give an objective quantitative characteristics of the hazard of infection in meningococcus infection (including the carrier state and nasopharyngitis). In 70% of cases meningococcus infection occurred at a distance of less than 0.5 meters. With increase of the distance and reduction of the(More)
Controlled epidemiological trial was applied to the study of the use of placental gamma-globulin for prophylaxis of generalized forms of meningococcus infection in the foci (creches and kindergartens). A group of the vaccinated children (16 140) and control group (16 080) were the same age and sex. Gamma-globulin was administered in a dose of 3 ml to every(More)