L A Fabre

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An LHRH analog known to inhibit ovulation in the rat ([N-Ac-Phe1, D-p-Cl-Phe2, D-Trp3,6]-LHRH) was tested for its effects on sexual receptivity. The dose of 500 ng/rat was found in dose-response experiments to be most active and was further investigated for its behavioral effects in rats treated with either estrogen or estrogen plus progesterone. The analog(More)
The bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is a widely spread cetacean species. We present a quantitative analysis of age dimorphism variation in the skull of T. truncatus assessed by geometric morphometrics (GM) methods. Differences in size and shape of skulls were investigated using eight landmarks plotted on 2-D images of ventral views of 14 museum(More)
The effects of several variables on the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to 99mTc-labeled sodium pertechnetate after IV administration of alpha-MSH were investigated. Doses of alpha-MSH of about 200 micrograms/kg were generally more effective in increasing the brain:blood ratio of radioactivity than the smaller doses that had previously been(More)
It is possible, even with children and new-born babies, to condition the oculo-palpebral reflex to respond to sound. The apparatus constructed by Messrs. Gasquet and Brun achieves this conditioning on the one hand and, on the other, allows this to be used as a method of visual audiometry. This method generally enables the operator to come within twenty(More)
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