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Digital images can be copied without authorization and have to be protected. Two schemes for watermarking images in PDF document were considered. Both schemes include a converter to extract images from PDF pages and return the protected images back. Frequency and spatial domain embedding were used for hiding a message presented by a binary pattern. We(More)
The cytological picture of the vaginal discharge and scrape material, obtained from 30 pregnant women of the control group (not infected with C.trachomatis) and 61 pregnant women with chlamydiosis; of these, in 42 women the comparative identification of chlamydiae by the methods of direct immunofluorescence and immunochromatography was carried out. Direct(More)
The work presents the results of experimental study of gamma interferon obtained by gene engineering techniques on the basis of Escherichia coli producer strains. The study has revealed that gamma interferon, whose molecular weight is 15 KD, due to intracellular proteolytic degradation shows the absence of some amino acids at the C-end of protein and is(More)
For the first time in Russia the authors have defined an infectious process of Astrakhan rickettsiosis hemorrhagic fever attended by hyper- and hypoproduction of interferon g and its aftereffects. Reaferon and gammaferon therapy have proved to be very effective in fast normalisation of the immunology index. Enthalferon pills greatly reduced the morbidity(More)
The paper deals with control of the population's environment and health. It shows the leading role of public health services in this activity. A standard approach to controlling environmental quality is presented. The first stage of this process is to determine the population's health status. To estimate the hazard of adverse environmental factors to human(More)
Dependence of the antiproliferative activity of reaferon in cultures of human diploid cells on the drug dose and duration of its action on the cells was studied by counting viable cells in the Goriaev chamber. No relationship was detected. However, such dependence was clearly evident with using tumor cells. With counting of mitoses it was shown that in(More)
The interferon (IFN-alpha) level and its antiviral activity were investigated in 236 patients, suffered from the chronic diffuse liver disease (CDLD), including 121 patient with chronic hepatitis (CH), 115 patients with hepatocirrhosis (HC) and 26 patients with acute viral hepatitis (AVH). This permitted to elaborate the pathogenetic and prognostic value of(More)