L. A. Denisov

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Digital images can be copied without authorization and have to be protected. Two schemes for watermarking images in PDF document were considered. Both schemes include a converter to extract images from PDF pages and return the protected images back. Frequency and spatial domain embedding were used for hiding a message presented by a binary pattern. We(More)
The paper deals with control of the population's environment and health. It shows the leading role of public health services in this activity. A standard approach to controlling environmental quality is presented. The first stage of this process is to determine the population's health status. To estimate the hazard of adverse environmental factors to human(More)
Clinical trials of the gene engineered human alpha 2-interferon as ointment were performed. The ointment was used in the treatment of patients with relapsing herpes of various localization, relapsing aphthous stomatitis and pemphigus vulgaris. It was shown that the ointment was harmless and its therapeutic effect was favourable. The preparation is(More)
The cytotoxic activity of natural killer (NK) cells isolated from peripheral blood of 20 healthy donors and 34 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) against labelled with H3-uridine target cells K-562 before and after their 1 hr treatment with reaferon (RF), T-activin (TA), myelopid (MP), opioid preparation dalargin (DL) as well as with combinations of TA,(More)
The optimization of the loading of monodispersed melamine-formaldehyde latex with fluorochrome has permitted its use as indicator material, equally suitable both for the visual evaluation of the reaction of phagocytosis and for the automated evaluation of this reaction by means of a scanning fluorescent microscope. The study has shown the possibility of(More)
In our research into regulation of activity of natural killer cells (NKC), which constitute the main cell population in the natural cytotoxicity (NCT) system, we found a definite similarity in the properties of T-activin (TA), a stimulator of antibody producers and interferon (IFN), manifested in particular as stimulation of NKC activity in the presence of(More)
The results of the clinical trials of human recombinant interferon alpha-2 (reaferon) make it possible to come to the conclusion that the preparation is well-tolerated and produces a pronounced therapeutic effect in a number of viral and oncological diseases. The Pharmacological Committee of the USSR has recommended reaferon for use in acute hepatitis B,(More)