L A Datsiuk

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It has been shown that chronic X-ray irradiation, (CRI), activates the formation of NO in rats. This is apparent in the increase in the level of NO2- in the blood plasma from 12.59 +/- 1.7 to 39.79 +/- 2.9 nmol/ml after 10 days of irradiation. On the 20 and 30 day of CRI, the level of NO2(-)- was 21.05 +/- 1.2 and 30.73 +/- 1.9 nmol/ml respectively. The(More)
A study was made of the haemolytic stability and population composition of peripheral blood erythrocytes of rats chronically exposed to X-radiation of 0.258 mC/kg/day during 30 days. Haemolytic stability of erythrocytes changed at cumulative doses of 2.58, 5.16 and 7.74 mC/kg. Percentage of some erythrocyte fractions obtained by fractionation in a sucrose(More)
Studies have been made on the peroxidase activity of metmyoglobins in animals from various ecological groups--the horse Equus caballus, cattle Bos taurus, beaver Castor fiber, otter Lutra lutra, mink Mustela vison and dog Canis familiaris. It was found that the level of this activity in diving animals depends on the duration of their diving, whereas in(More)
The structural and functional state of blood erythrocytes in people exposed to radiation during Chernobyl NPP accident was studied two or six years later. The changes in oxygen transport system of erythrocytes and in the ratio between some organic phosphate fractions were observed. The beta-carotene per os administration to rats during low-level irradiation(More)
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