L A Cooperstein

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Receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) analysis has been used in many medical imaging applications during the past decade. In order to ensure that reader-confidence ratings are analyzable (well distributed to meet convergence requirements of curve-fitting algorithms) and meaningful (limit extrapolation of the data), many investigators train readers(More)
The goal in the production of medical images is to acquire and display pictures of the human anatomy in a manner such that the diagnostic information contained in that representation may be optimally transferred to the trained reader. The concept of image quality pertains to how well that goal is accomplished. However, such a broad definition resists a(More)
An anatomical and radiographic study was undertaken to determine the safest zones in the acetabulum for the transacetabular placement of screws during uncemented acetabular arthroplasty. To avoid injury to intrapelvic structures, which are not visible to the surgeon during placement of the screws, cadavera were studied to define the location of these(More)
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