L. A. Bykova

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Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis have similar principal epidemiological features chiefly associated with their basic carrier and determinants of human infection. The cases of Lyme disease, as evidenced by laboratory studies, indicate that there are active natural foci of this infection in the city, frequently combining with natural foci of(More)
The cDNA fragments complementary to RNA-polymerase gene and 3'-untranslated genome region of attenuated foot-and-mouth disease virus strain A(22)645 have been synthesized and cloned into a plasmid vector pUC19 in E. coli JM109. The cloned cDNA fragments were characterized as to their size, orientation towards the plasmid, and localization in the virus(More)
This study was undertaken for the purpose of determining the primary structure of the 3' end gene of RNA polymerase of foot-and-mouth disease virus A22 550. Reported are isolation and purification of the virus, isolation of RNA, synthesis of cDNA, experience obtained from cloning as well as analysis of hybridisation and isolation of plasmid DNA. Nucleotide(More)