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A histological, ultrastructural and histochemical study of the mandibular gland of the Australian possum Trichosurus vulpecula revealed essentially similar features as those described earlier for the mandibular gland of the taxonomically relatively unrelated American opossum Didelphis. The secretory endpieces consist of a branched tubular part, composed of(More)
Trypsin dissociated dorsal root ganglia of 8-day-old chick embryos were cultured and filmed in the presence or absence of NGF. The behaviour of neurites and their association with Schwann cells and fibroblasts were observed and described. Isolated neurons cultured in the presence or absence of NGF were filmed and quantitatively analysed to determine the(More)
Cultures of chick dorsal root ganglia were examined with the scanning electron microscope. Fibroblasts, Schwann cells and neurites with their characteristic terminal filamentous growth cones were identified and their surface ultrastructure and inter-relationships described. Although exploratory filopodia of nerve growth cones were observed to pass both over(More)
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