L A Bernstein

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The relative γ-decay probabilities of the 162 Dy to 161 Dy and 162 Dy to 164 Dy residual nuclei, produced using light-ion-induced direct reactions, were measured as a function of excitation energy using the CACTUS array at the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory. The external surrogate ratio method (SRM) was used to convert these relative γ-decay probabilities into(More)
  • D P Mcnabb, G Baldsiefen, L A Bernstein, J A Cizewski, H.-Q Jin, W Younes +5 others
  • 2008
The 174 Yb(29 Si,5n) reaction at 148 MeV with thin targets was used to populate high-angular momentum states in 198 Po. Resulting γ rays were observed with Gammasphere. A weakly-populated superdeformed band of 10 γ-ray transitions was found and has been assigned to 198 Po. This is the first observation of a SD band in the A ≈ 190 region in a nucleus with Z(More)
The ground state rotational bands of the N = Z nuclei (72)Kr, (76)Sr, and (80)Zr have been extended into the angular momentum region where rotation alignment of particles is normally expected. By measuring the moments of inertia of these bands we have observed a consistent increase in the rotational frequency required to start pair breaking, when compared(More)
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