L A Barragán

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We have used the kindling paradigm at the spinal cord level. In spinal, unanaesthetized, paralysed (gallamine 20 mg/kg) cats, the cutaneous afferent (sural) or the muscle afferent (gastrocnemius, tibial and peroneal) nerves were electrically stimulated at 20 min intervals with a 3 sec train (100 Hz, 2 msec pulse duration, 200-400 microA). Kindling was(More)
A versatile, low-cost, digital signal processor (DSP) based lock-in module with external reference is described. This module is used to implement an industrial spectrophotometer for measuring spectral transmission and reflection of automotive and architectonic coating glasses over the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared wavelength range. The light beams(More)
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