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Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic drug widely used in the treatment of several tumours, but this chemotherapy presents problems in terms of side-effects and patient resistance. The detection and determination of cisplatin-induced adducts and the relationship with the physiological or clinical effects of this drug under different repair conditions could be a(More)
Prestressing steel wires are commonly used as reinforcement elements in structures bearing fatigue loads. These wires are obtained by a conforming process called cold drawing, where a progressive reduction of the wire diameter is produced, causing residual stress in the commercial wire. The aim of this paper is to analyze the effect of diverse in-service(More)
Cisplatin, one of the most extensively used metallodrugs in cancer treatment, presents the important drawback of patient resistance. This resistance is the consequence of different processes including those preventing the formation of DNA adducts and/or their quick removal. Thus, a tool for the accurate detection and quantitation of cisplatin-induced(More)
Platinum compounds are the major group of metal-based chemotherapeutic drug used in current practice and still a topic of intense investigation. The relative contribution of structurally defined cisplatin adducts with DNA to induce apoptosis and the cellular processing of these lesions is still poorly understood mostly due to the lack of sensitive and(More)
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