L.-Å Nyman

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The present study investigated the effect of postischaemic infusion of an irreversible monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) inhibitor, l-deprenyl, an equipotent dose of a reversible MAO-B inhibitor, lazabemide, or 0.9% NaCl on infarct volumes following focal cerebral ischaemia in rats. The drug doses (0.3 mg/kg) were selected to induce selective MAO-B inhibition(More)
Context. The THz atmospheric " windows, " centered at roughly 1.3 and 1.5 THz, contain numerous spectral lines of astronomical importance, including three high-J CO lines, the [N II] line at 205 µm, and the ground transition of para-H 2 D +. The CO lines are tracers of hot (several 100 K), dense gas; [N II] is a cooling line of diffuse, ionized gas; the H 2(More)
4 Eta Car is a variable star surrounded by a cloud of gas and dust that absorbs a large part of its optical emission and that showed, in the past two hundred years, several events of mass ejection. It presents a 5.52 year period in the high excitation Heλ10830 line intensity (Damineli 1996), as well as in the radio continuum and recombination lines, from 5(More)
Context. Molecular oxygen, O 2 , has been expected historically to be an abundant component of the chemical species in molecular clouds and, as such, an important coolant of the dense interstellar medium. However, a number of attempts from both ground and from space have failed to detect O 2 emission. Aims. The work described here uses heterodyne(More)
  • F Schuller, S Leurini, C Hieret, K M Menten, S D Philipp, R Güsten +2 others
  • 2006
Context. The M16 nebula is a relatively nearby H region, powered by O stars from the open cluster NGC 6611, which borders to a Giant Molecular Cloud. Radiation from these hot stars has sculpted columns of dense obscuring material on a few arcmin scales. The interface between these pillars and the hot ionised medium provides a textbook example of a(More)
To determine if the inhibition of MAO-A and/or MAO-B activities can influence cognitive processes in adult rats, we analysed whether chronic treatment with clorgyline, 1-deprenyl and pargyline could modify the performance of adult rats in a modified version of the water maze task. The effects of these treatments on locomotor activity and enzyme activities(More)
A byproduct of experiments designed to map the cosmic microwave background is the recent detection of a new component of foreground Galactic emission. The anomalous foreground at ∼10–30 GHz, unexplained by traditional emission mechanisms, correlates with 100µm dust emission. We use planetary nebulae (PNe) as astrophysical laboratories to test known radio(More)
We present J=1–0 and J=2–1 12 CO maps of several star-forming regions in both the Large and the Small Magellanic Cloud, and briefly discuss their structure. Many of the detected molecular clouds are relatively isolated and quite small with dimensions of typically 20 pc. Some larger complexes have been detected, but in all cases the extent of the molecular(More)
The second-brightest star formation complex in the Large Magellanic Cloud, N 11, was surveyed extensively in the J=1–0 transition of 12 CO. In this paper we present maps and a catalogue containing the parameters of 29 individual molecular clouds in the complex, although more may be present. The distribution of molecular gas in the N 11 complex is highly(More)
An observing campaign was devoted to the search for the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (S-Z) effect towards X-ray ROSAT Clusters in the millimetric spectral domain. A double channel (1.2 and 2 mm) photometer was installed at the focus of the 15m Swedish ESO Submil-limeter Telescope (SEST) in Chile in september 1994 and 1995 and observations of the targets S1077, A2744,(More)