Lütfi Ozkan

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In this study, we investigated the genotoxic effect of taxol, radiation, or taxol plus radiation on highly proliferative normal tissue-bone marrow cells of Swiss albino mice. Swiss-albino mice, 3-4 months old, were used in this study. Taxol was administered bolus intravenously through the tail vein. Radiation was given by using a linear accelerator. There(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND The status of the axillary lymph nodes at the time of diagnosis has been accepted as one of the most important prognostic factors for the overall and disease-free survival of patients with breast cancer. The aim of our study was to determine which factors influence axillary node involvement in invasive breast cancer. METHODS The data(More)
PURPOSE To determine the patterns of care for lung cancer in Turkish radiation oncology centers. METHODS AND MATERIALS Questionnaire forms from 21 of 24 (87.5%) centers that responded were evaluated. RESULTS The most frequent histology was non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (81%). The most common postoperative radiotherapy (RT) indications were(More)
Breast cancer in both spouses is extremely rare. There are 7 metachronous cases and 1 synchronous case in the English literature. No case has been reported in which 1 of the spouses had bilateral breast cancer. In this paper, we report a synchronous pair of cases where 1 of the spouses (wife) had bilateral breast cancer and the other (husband) had breast(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND To evaluate the effect of bcl-2 expression on the local control and overall survival of patients with early stage laryngeal cancer treated with radiotherapy alone. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN We included 53 patients with stage Tis, T1, and T2 laryngeal cancer who were irradiated in our department. Paraffin blocks of all biopsy specimens(More)
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