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Zircon U‐Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Constraints on Petrogenesis of Plagiogranite from the Cuomuqu Ophiolite, Bangong Lake Area, North Tibet
Field observation, geochemical signatures and zircon Hf isotope data indicate that Cuomuqu ophiolite in the Bangonghu area was formed in a back‐arc basin (BAB) above a supra‐subduction zone (SSZ).
Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution Sequence in Northern South China Sea and Its Oil/Gas Singificance
Based on the basic theory of tectonic geology,this study analyzed major tectonic events and tectonic evolution sequence in the Cenozoic through comprehensive investigation of geological effects such
An Analysis of Cenozoic Petroleum Structural Mineralization in Kunbei Oil-Gas Pool, Southwestern Qaidam Basin, China
The Qaidam basin is a plateau basin inside the Tibetan plateau with very rich oil-gas resources. It has had a history of some forty years of exploration and geological research (Fu Suotang, et al.,