Lúcio S. Passos

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Diagnosing unwanted behaviour in Multi-Agent Systems (MASs) is a crucial task to assure the correct operation of a system. A lightweight technique inspired by the software-engineering-oriented techniques, the we have coined Extended Spectrum-based Fault Localisation for Multi-Agent Systems (ESFL-MAS) can be used to shorten the diagnose cycle by reducing the(More)
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) must increase their reliability in order to guarantee a solid and safe response to unexpected situations in complex domains. To address such an issue, both fault tolerance and software testing techniques are applied to ensure complying services; the foundation of these is the effectiveness in identifying and classifying fault(More)
Diagnosing unwanted behaviour in Multi-Agent Systems (MASs) is crucial to ascertain agents' correct operation. However, generation of MAS models is both error-prone and time intense, as it exponentially increases with the number of agents and their interactions. In this paper, we propose a lightweight , automatic debugging-based technique , coined ESFL-MAS,(More)
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