Lúcia S. Campos

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The Delta/Notch signalling system is involved in several developmental processes. During fly neurogenesis, Delta expression defines the fate of neuronal precursors and inhibits neighboring Notch-expressing cells from acquiring a neural fate, a process known as lateral inhibition. In vertebrates, recent evidence demonstrates that Notch activation can(More)
Few studies have addressed the diversity of cultivable fungi from marine sediments, especially those from Antarctica. In the present study, we evaluated the presence and distribution of cultivable fungi in marine core sediments obtained from 100, 500, 700 and 1,100 m below the Antarctic Ocean surface. Fifty-two fungal isolates were identified as Penicillium(More)
Microorganisms dominate most Antarctic marine ecosystems, in terms of biomass and taxonomic diversity, and play crucial role in ecosystem functioning due to their high metabolic plasticity. Admiralty Bay is the largest bay on King George Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula) and a combination of hydro-oceanographic characteristics(More)
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