Lúcia Helena Sipaúba-Tavares

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The objective of the present work was to investigate the influence of four diets on population growth, development, total length, dry weight, and nutritional value of two zooplanktonic species, Moina micrura and Diaphanosoma birgei. The four dietary treatments were: algae alone (A); algae + vitamins (AV); algae + ration (AR); and algae + ration + vitamins(More)
The performance of free water surface flow constructed wetlands (CW) may be impaired by abiotic factors. The effects of seasons on the water quality improvement and on the community of plankton were evaluated in a CW system with the macrophytes Cyperus giganteus Vahl, Typha domingensis Pers., Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms and Pontederia cordata L.(More)
Due to the importance of water variables conditions and available food in the development and survival of fish larvae, the current research evaluates the effects of two different food treatments (ration + zooplankton and only zooplankton) and water quality in tanks with Brycon orbignyanus larvae. Total water transparency (45 cm) has been mainly associated(More)
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