Lúcia Helena Garcia Penna

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Phenytoin is an anticonvulsant that has been used in wound healing. The objectives of this study were to describe how the scientific production presents the use ofphenytoinas a healing agent and to discuss its applicability in wounds. A literature review and hierarchy analysis of evidence-based practices was performed. Eighteen articles were analyzed that(More)
This study aimed to identify strategies caregiving professionals at shelters discuss and use in care delivery to violence situations lived by female adolescents; and to discuss educative practice as a care technology for coping with violence. Based on qualitative research, the data were produced through interviews with caregivers at a municipal adolescent(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the factors involved in the decision making process of women in situation of interpersonal violence perpetrated by an intimate partner in search for domestic violence support services. METHODS Qualitative, descriptive and exploratory research. Sixteen women were interviewed through individual semi-structured(More)
This work identifies the application of the philosophical and theoretical basis of the social poetic in new conceptions of nursing care. Systematic review of 30 research works. Delimited categories: Dialogue in taking care of as technological instrument; To take care of in nursing as not invasive technology. In the new conceptions of to take care the client(More)
This article identifies the conceptions and suggestions of professors of medicine and nursing courses about the insertion of this subject in the formation of their students. An exploratory research was carried out using a questionnaire applied to coordinators of disciplines in such courses at public and private universities in the cities of Rio de Janeiro(More)
The objective of this study is to describe the understanding that sheltered female adolescents have regarding motherhood and analyze their experience of this process from their perspective, for the purpose of identifying a support structure for young sheltered mothers. This exploratory and qualitative study was performed at two municipal shelters in Rio de(More)
This article describes the Collective Prenatal Consultation as a new healthcare methodology, which is performed according to government standards, but collectively. Relaxation and sensitization techniques are used, as well as group dynamics, including a collective exam of the pregnant women. The Collective Consultation is carried out in a welcoming(More)
The characteristics of pregnant women in prenatal consultation are described in this article in a quantitative approach. The aim of this study is to identify this group by sketching its epidemiological profile. 118 attendance reports dated from January to June 2003 were investigated in the obstetrics service in a city of Rio de Janeiro public hospital. The(More)
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