Lúcia H. Kudo

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The kidney involvement in leptospirosis appears to be a special form of acute renal failure due to a higher frequency of polyuric forms and the presence of hypokalemia with an elevated urinary fractional excretion of potassium. Using a clearance technique, we detected higher fractional urinary potassium excretion in leptospirotic guinea pigs (26.5 +/- 4.7%)(More)
We examined the action of atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) on Na+ and Cl- transport in in vitro microperfused inner medullary collecting ducts (IMCD) isolated from rat kidneys. First we studied the isotopic fluxes at low perfusion rates (7 nl/min). The results showed that ANF added to bath decreased lumen-to-bath flux (Jl----b) of Na+ and increased Na+(More)
Experiments examined the effects of elevation of intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) or activation of protein kinase C (PKC) on Na+ and water transport in the rat cortical collecting duct (CCD). We measured the lumen-to-bath 22Na+ flux (J1-->b), transepithelial voltage (VT), and water permeability (Pf) in CCD from deoxycorticosterone (DOC)-treated(More)
We examined the effects of epinephrine in perfused cortical collecting ducts (CCD) isolated from inbred Dahl-Rapp salt-sensitive (SS) and salt-resistant (SR) rats and from Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats. Rats were treated with 2.5 mg deoxycorticosterone pivalate (DOC; depot injection 4-9 days before study), and the CCD were treated with 220 pM vasopressin (AVP)(More)
Studies were conducted to determine whether the cortical collecting duct (CCD) of the Dahl salt-resistant rat (inbred Rapp strain; R/Jr) exhibits the same responses to deoxycorticosterone (DOC; 2.5 mg as a depot injection in vivo, 3-8 days before experimentation) and arginine vasopressin (AVP, 220 pM in vitro) as the Sprague-Dawley (SD) [L. Chen, S.K.(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether the selective alpha-2 agonist dexmedetomidine inhibits basic transport properties in the rat cortical collecting duct (CCD). Sprague-Dawley rat CCDs were isolated and perfused to allow measurement of osmotic water permeability (Pf), transepithelial voltage (Vt) and resistance (Rt). Arginine vasopressin(More)
The present in vitro microperfusion study examined whether furosemide has an effect on hydraulic conductivity (Lp X 10(-6) cm/sec.atm) and 14C-urea permeability (Pu X 10(-5) cm/sec) in inner medullary collecting ducts (IMCD) and cortical collecting tubules (CCT) isolated from rat and rabbit kidneys. Furosemide added to the bath fluid decreased(More)
PGE(2) inhibits osmotic water permeability (P(f)) in the rat inner medullary collecting duct (IMCD) via cellular events occurring after the stimulation of cAMP, i.e., post-cAMP-dependent events. The alpha(2)-agonists also inhibit P(f) in the rat IMCD via post-cAMP-dependent events. The purpose of this study was to determine whether PGE(2) plays a role in(More)