Lúıs Tavares

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The male-mediated genetic legacy of the Pyrenean population was assessed through the analysis of 12 Y-STR and 27 Y-SNP loci in a sample of 169 males from 5 main geographical areas in the Spanish Pyrenees: Cinco Villas (Western Pyrenees), Jacetania and Valle de Arán (Central Pyrenees) and Alto Urgel and Cerdaña (Eastern Pyrenees). In the Iberian context, the(More)
This paper describes ongoing work on a prototype robot capable of moving on electric power lines executing monitoring tasks. The inspection of the power lines infrastructure, forest fire surveillance and wildlife study are the some of the potential applications. The robot is composed by a central body with three serial arms. Two of these are used to provide(More)
Twenty biallelic Y chromosome markers were analyzed in Angolares, Forros and Tongas, three population groups from the African archipelago of São Tomé e Príncipe. While most male lineages belonged to sub-Saharan haplogroups, the component of European origin added up 23.9% in the archipelago. This contrasts with the reported absence of European mtDNA(More)
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