Lívia R. Fernandes

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ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters constitute a ubiquitous superfamily of membrane proteins responsible for the translocation of several substances across membranes using the chemical energy provided by ATP hydrolysis. ABC transporters participate in many physiological and pathophysiological processes, including cholesterol and lipid transportation and(More)
Biogas production has been the main route used to exploit olive mill wastewater (OMW), after pretreatment and/or in combination with other effluents, but more recently the production of chemicals and biopolymers by biotechnological routes has deserved increasing attention by the scientific community. The present paper aims to explore the potential of fresh(More)
We analyzed wild-type (WT) and four sequence variants of the BRCA1 promoter region—found in patients selected for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome—in respect to their influence on transcription and translation efficiencies in transient transfection assays in the presence or absence of estrogen. Five types of plasmids containing the EGFP(More)
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