Lívia Picchi Comar

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OBJECTIVE This study assessed the effect of fluoride varnishes on the progression of tooth erosion in vitro. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty-eight enamel and 60 root dentin samples were previously demineralized (0.1% citric acid, pH 2.5, 30 min), leading to a baseline and erosive wear of 12.9 and 11.4 µm, respectively. The samples were randomly treated (6 h)(More)
UNLABELLED Fluoride varnishes play an important role in the prevention of dental caries, promoting the inhibition of demineralization and the increase of remineralization. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to analyze the amount of fluoride released into water and artificial saliva from experimental TiF4 and NaF varnishes, with different concentrations, for 12 h.(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the effect of toothpastes containing TiF(4), NaF, and SnF(2) on tooth erosion-abrasion. Bovine enamel and dentin specimens were distributed into 10 groups (n = 12): experimental placebo toothpaste (no F); NaF (1450 ppm F); TiF(4) (1450 ppm F); SnF(2) (1450 ppm F); SnF(2) (1100 ppm F) + NaF (350 ppm F); TiF(4) (1100 ppm(More)
BACKGROUND Artificial lesions produced by different protocols might directly influence the response to different remineralising treatments. This study compared the response of different artificial caries-like enamel lesions to home-care and professional fluoride based-remineralising treatments in situ. METHODS The tested demineralising protocols were(More)
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