Lívia Guidoni de Assis Barbosa

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197 oropharynx to the rectum, and the duodenum is most frequently affected, followed by the stomach, esophagus and colon (1,2). Kaposi's sarcoma is about 300 times more common in AIDS patients than in those with other immunodeficiency types, and generally occurs in the setting of CD4 count below 150–200 cells/ mm 3(1). The diagnosis is made by means of(More)
A 14-year-old boy undergoing treatment for nephrotic syndrome with steroids and cyclosporine presented with small sclerotic bone lesions in a routine chest radiograph. Similar lesions were found in other bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton. Despite the paucity of clinical symptoms and absence of laboratory data suggesting systemic mastocytosis, the(More)
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