Lía García-Pérez

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In the autonomous piloting of vehicles, the characterization of nearby dynamic object motion by perception and tracking techniques aids in the optimization of avoidance strategies. Knowledge of the features of object motion in goal-driven navigation allows for accurate deviation strategies to be implemented with appropriate anticipation. This perceptual(More)
Current work deals with the design and development of a virtual environment to test perception based navigation strategies for a non-holonomic real robot. Physical sensors onboard the robot are described with their main characteristics as virtual perceptual agents. Real environments are represented as polygons to closely mimic geometric shape properties of(More)
One useful capability for service robots is person following. Service robots, like other autonomous robots, are demanded to exhibit a full range of different behaviors. A control architecture is required to integrate them. This paper describes the design and implementation of the person following behavior within JDE architecture, as two groups of concurrent(More)
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