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This paper focuses on the application of Extreme Learning Machines (ELM) to the classification of remote sensing hyperspectral data. The specific aim of the work is to obtain accurate thematic maps of soybean crops, which have proven to be difficult to identify by automated procedures. The classification process carried out is as follows: First, spectral(More)
Hyperspectral and 3D structure measurement are among the active research areas of remote sensing in recent years. The combination of these two kinds of information can provide improved outcomes distinctly, which is widely used in vegetation physiology, precision agriculture and radiative transfer modeling. However, the registration and synchronization has(More)
Endmember extraction (EE) is one of the most important issues in hyperspectral mixture analysis. It is also a challenging task due to the intrinsic complexity of remote sensing images and the lack of priori knowledge. In recent years, a number of EE methods have been developed, where several different optimization objectives have been proposed from(More)
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