Léslie Piccolotto Ferreira

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The present study had as an objective to verify the electromyographic activity of the masseter muscles during intercuspal maximal clenching in individuals with and without malocclusion. For such purpose, 37 individuals participated, constituting three distinct groups according to the classification of the occlusion: 9 individuals with clinically normal(More)
Voice-overs are professional voice users who use their voices to market products in the electronic media. The purposes of this study were to (1) analyze voice-overed and non-overed productions of an advertising text in two groups consisting of 10 male professional voice-overs and 10 male non-voice-overs; and (2) determine specific acoustic features of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to analyze adolescent evaluations of aging teachers' perceived vocal age (PVA) and pleasantness, relative to actual vocal parameters. STUDY DESIGN This is a cross-sectional study. METHODS Digital speech samples of 23 teachers over 65 years in age were collected. Three speech-language pathologists and voice specialists evaluated(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite several studies related to singing and aging voice found in the literature, there is still the need for investigation seeking to understand the effects of this practice in the speaking voice of the elderly. OBJECTIVE To compare the characteristics of the speaking voice of elderlies with experience in choral singing with those of(More)
The research productivity grants (PQ) distributed annually by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico-CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) have generated a number of concerns in the scientific community. It is the purpose of this editorial to shed light on the criteria adopted by the Multidisciplinary(More)
Introduction Due to increased life expectancy among the population, studying the vocal parameters of the elderly is key to promoting vocal health in old age. Objective This study aims to analyze the profile of the extension of speech of elderly female choristers, according to age group. Method The study counted on the participation of 25 elderly female(More)
PURPOSE To compare the responses related to vocal symptoms in two versions of the Vocal Production Condition - Teacher (CPV-T) questionnaire, with responses on a Likert scale and a Visual Analog Scale (VAS), in order to evaluate which is the best measurement method. METHODS A cross-sectional observational study was conducted with teachers with voice(More)
2115 Distúrbio de voz e estresse no trabalho docente: um estudo caso-controle Voice disorders related to job stress in teaching: a case-control study Abstract This case-control study aimed to test the association between voice disorders and job stress among public schoolteachers in São Paulo, Brazil. The groups consisted of teachers with (n = 165) and(More)
INTRODUCTION  Studies to understand the vocal profile of a population are important to plan collective health measures. The prevalence of vocal symptoms can be indicative of vocal disorder and must be investigated to support measures to prevent vocal diseases. AIM  To characterize vocal symptoms in college students and their possible causes, and to(More)