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The nature and distribution of phenolic compounds were studied in suspended particles, sediment trap material and deposits in deltaic, marine and lagunal environments of the northwestern Mediterranean sea (Gulf of Lions). In deltaic environments (Rhône delta), the river flow controlled amounts of terrestrial run-off offshore as characterized by the(More)
The macrotidal Seine estuary receives mineral and organic fluxes from a strongly industrialized basin. Upstream-downstream analysis of POC, polysaccharides and phenolic compounds in the particulate fraction indicated clearly the continental inflow. Within the maximum turbidity zone, the organic matter/suspended particulate matter ratio is lower than(More)
The behaviour of organic matter has been approached in two fluvio-marine areas of the Gulf of Lions in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea: deltas of the Rhône and Têt rivers. Elemental analysis, pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (main classes of organic compounds) and high performance liquid chromatography (phenolic compounds) enabled to show(More)
Particulate matter samples were collected in the mountainous section and river mouth at the Tech River basin, south France, during flood (December 1996) and summer (September 1997) periods. Suspended material was analysed by pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (Py-GC-MS) and 23 identified pyrolysis products were divided into five main fractions:(More)
The authors report a case of bullous dermatosis developing at 38 weeks of amenorrhoea in a para II. The newborn infant developed a skin rash 3 days after birth. Direct immunofluorescent study of skin biopsies showed the presence of a very small amount of IgG and a very large amount of complement fixed to the basal membrane. Tests for the presence of Herpes(More)
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