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BACKGROUND From the perspective of the cognitive mediational paradigm, we focus in this study on students' conceptions of the relationship between instructional interventions and learning: 'instructional knowledge'. AIMS Task perception has been investigated as a procedural manifestation of instructional knowledge. Four research questions directed the(More)
OBJECTIVE Enormous amounts of healthcare data are becoming increasingly accessible through the large-scale adoption of electronic health records. In this work, structured and unstructured (textual) data are combined to assign clinical diagnostic and procedural codes (specifically ICD-9-CM) to patient stays. We investigate whether integrating these(More)
Clinical codes are used for public reporting purposes, are fundamental to determining public financing for hospitals, and form the basis for reimbursement claims to insurance providers. They are assigned to a patient stay to reflect the diagnosis and performed procedures during that stay. This paper aims to enrich algorithms for automated clinical coding by(More)
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