Léandro Jacomine

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New-generation implants focus on robust, durable, and rapid tissue regeneration to shorten recovery times and decrease risks of postoperative complications for patients. Herein, we describe a new-generation thick nanofibrous implant functionalized with active containers of growth factors and stem cells for regenerative nanomedicine. A thick electrospun(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to improve the strength and quality of the titanium-hydroxyapatite interface in order to prevent long-term failure of the implanted devices originating from coating delamination and to test it in an in-vivo model. METHODS Ti disks and dental commercial implants were etched in Kroll solution. Thermochemical treatments of(More)
Initially developed as an elastomer with an excellent record of barrier and chemical resistance properties, poly(disulfide) has experienced a revival linked to the dynamic nature of the S-S covalent bond. A novel photobase-catalyzed oxidative polymerization of multifunctional thiols to poly(disulfide) network is reported. Based solely on air oxidation, the(More)
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