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This paper reports an investigation into the referencing pattern of Brazilian agricultural scientists. The study was based on the use of both quantitative data-citations appearing in a sizeable sample of articles published by these scientists—and qualitative data-interviews with a large number of scientists who authored the source, papers. The aim was to(More)
This article is a reply to Moravcsik's interpretation of my results on Brazilian agricultural research. The argument here is that publication and citation data obtained within a specific country can hardly be compared to those offered by international databases such as that of ISI. Furthermore, publication and citation data must be interpreted in the light(More)
This article examines the historical antecedents and theoretical, conceptual, and empirical elements of peer review in the field of science. Specifically, it looks at various modalities of peer judgment from its origins within the first scientific associations, in the seventeenth century, to the present. Some of the main developments and chief criticisms of(More)
The urgency to solve infant malnutrition in Brazil is undisputed. Policies to achieve that, however, are not consensual. The Alternative Food Program, put forward by the Catholic National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops' Children Pastoral with the support of various federal organizations and international agencies, has been the focus of heated debate.(More)
This paper analyses the Nicaragua-Sweden partnership to build research capacity in Nicaragua with support from SAREC (the research division of the Swedish International Development Agency). It looks at the history of this twenty-years old partnership and identifies the main outcomes and impacts, based on extensive quantitative and qualitative data(More)
Purpose – To provide an empirical contribution to analyse the dynamics of research groups in knowledge production in an interdisciplinary research field in two scientifically peripheral countries (Colombia and Brazil). Design/methodology/approach – This dynamic is analysed in the interdisciplinary area of immunology through a comparative study of Brazilian(More)
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