Léa Paré Toé

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BACKGROUND Over the last years, the number of clinical trials carried out in low-income countries with poor medical infrastructure and limited access to health care has increased. In these settings, the decision of participating in a clinical study may be influenced by factors related to participants' vulnerability that limit the efficacy of the informed(More)
BACKGROUND Genetically modified mosquitoes (GMMs) are emerging as a measure to control mosquito-borne diseases, but before any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are released into the environment, it is imperative to establish regulatory standards incorporating public engagement. A previous project in Burkina Faso introduced a type of genetically(More)
The National Malaria Programme in Ivory Coast has encountered difficulty in winning public acceptance of insecticide-treated bednets. We speculate that resistance to the use of bednets could be rooted in social perceptions, beliefs and practices in the communities. The purpose of this study was to identify sociocultural and environmental factors that could(More)
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