Léïla Mauline

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A new highly luminescent europium complex with the formula [Eu(TTA)3(Bpy-Si)], where TTA stands for the thenoyltrifluoroacetone, (C4H3S)COCH2COCF3, chelating ligand and Bpy-Si, Bpy-CH2NH(CH2)3Si(OEt)3, is an organosilyldipyridine ligand displaying a triethoxysilyl group as a grafting function has been synthesized and fully characterized. This bifunctional(More)
Luminescent silica nanoparticles are frequently employed for biotechnology applications mainly because of their easy functionalization, photo-stability, and biocompatibility. Bifunctional silica nanoparticles (BSNPs) are described here as new efficient tools for investigating complex biological systems such as biofilms. Photoluminescence is brought about by(More)
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