Lászlo Surján

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A simple method is presented suitable for the demonstration of the initial stage of lymphocyte activation. The method is based on the evaluation of the intranuclear birefringence of lymphocytes. With this technique, the activation of the cells is detectable after 30 minutes' in vitro activation. Tonsillar lymphocyte activation was demonstrated after(More)
Tonsils of 20 patients with recurrent tonsillitis were investigated. Activated lymphocytes, that is lymphocytes with increased nuclear birefringence, were found in only 3 cases. The lack of lymphocyte activation is supposedly due to reduced antigen stimulation. Since antigens arrive at the tonsillar lymphoid tissue via the follicle-associated cells of the(More)
The tonsils are mucosa-associated lymphoid organs. Several details regarding their normal function and pathological alteration are still unknown. In this review the relationship of the tonsils to similar lymphoid organs is discussed, the possibilities of antigen uptake (M cells and micropores of the crypt epithelium) are demonstrated, and alterations of the(More)
A new method for testing lactose intolerance was developed. The examination is performed by jejunoscopy using lactose dilution for provocation and sucrose for control. Macroscopic and microscopic changes in the jejunal mucosa are examined after administration of solutions. The results of this study demonstrated that lactose administration causes prompt(More)