László Zubek

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PURPOSE Psychogenic nonepileptic seizure (PNES) is an important differential diagnostic problem in patients with or without epilepsy. There are many studies that have analyzed PNES in adults; currently, however, there is no systematic assessment of purely childhood PNES semiology. Our study based on a large pediatric video-electroencephalography (EEG)(More)
UNLABELLED End of life decisions affect most of patients in intensive care units, thus, it is important to know both local and international practice in accordance with law and ethical principles for intensive care physicians. AIM To search for local customs of end of life decisions (withholding or withdrawing the therapy, shortening of the dying(More)
The awareness of local practice of end-of-life decisions in accordance with the law and ethical principles is essential for intensive care physicians in all countries. The first step for the required social dialogue is to investigate local practice. We performed the first Hungarian survey with the aim of better understanding local practice in end-of-life(More)
AIM To demonstrate that the double balloon enteroscopy (DBE) can be safely performed in general anesthesia with intubation. METHODS We performed a retrospective examination between August 2005 and November 2008 among patients receiving intubation narcosis due to DBE examination. The patients were grouped based on sex, age and physical status. Anesthesia(More)
The authors examined the blood flow of the portio vaginalis uteri in the first half of pregnancy in 57 cases. Their age was between 16-37 years. 5 groups were established: 1. among healthy pregnant women 69 ml/min/100 g; 2. among hypoplasia 40 ml/min/100 g; 3. among anaemia 122 ml min 100 g; 4. among hyperemesis gravidarum 134 ml/min/100 g; 5. among anaemia(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Our aim was to report our experience with the Fujinon EN-450 T5 therapeutic double-balloon endoscope (DBE) in the diagnosis of small bowel diseases. METHODOLOGY Between August 2005 and October 2006, 52 DBE procedures were conducted on 47 consecutive patients (M/F: 22/25, age: 51.6 SD 19.5 years) presenting at our tertiary referral hospital(More)
In the authors' Department, 144 cases of placenta praevia were treated in the course of 15 years. This number amounted to 0.54% of all births. The sex ratio of fetuses in association with this complication was 166.6, which exceeds that of all neonates during the same period of time. A preponderance of male babies was noted when the material was further(More)
UNLABELLED Double balloon enteroscopy needs sufficient sedation technique, because the examination is uncomfortable and lengthy. The most prevalent sedation method is conscious sedation world-wide. AIM To demonstrate that double balloon enteroscopy examination can also be safely performed in general anesthesia with intubation and that this method can be(More)
The authors have found 244 clavicle fractures during 4131 vaginal delivery (5.91%). Both clavicles of three newborns have fractured. The incidence of fracture had relation to weight of newborns, to weakness of pains and to vacuum extraction. The Apgar score of the newborns with fractured clavicle was not less, than one of newborns with unbroken clavicle.(More)