László Zsolt Varga

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Home Care services are notoriously difficult to deliver efficiently, due to the heterogeneity of the involved actors and the usual co-morbidity of the patients assisted at home. The K4Care platform proposes an agent-based three-layered architecture aimed at addressing these two issues and facilitate the provision of these services. The development of the(More)
The use of ICT solutions applied to Healthcare in distributed scenarios should not only provide improvements in the distributed processes and services they are targeted to assist but also provide ways to trace all the meaningful events and decisions taken in such distributed scenario. Provenance may be an innovative way to trace such events and decisions in(More)
The adoption of general intervention plans (guidelines) according to the particular circumstances of both the patient and the doctor's diagnostic is a very challenging task. Although there are some available geriatric guidelines, the usual Home Care patients suffer from a set of co-morbid conditions and diseases that hampers the direct application of(More)
Provenance information provides a useful basis to verify whether a particular application behavior has been adhered to. This is particularly useful to evaluate the basis for a particular outcome, as a result of a process, and to verify if the process involved in making the decision conforms to some pre-defined set of rules. This is significant in a(More)
The amount of electronically stored textual information is continuously increasing both on the internet and in company assets, and there are no good solutions to easily locate the most needed information. Because search engines do not take into account the meaning of the word and its context, in the end the user has to select the right information from the(More)