László Sujbert

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Longitudinal vibration of piano strings greatly contributes to the distinctive character of low piano notes. In this paper a simplified modal model is developed, which describes the generation of phantom partials and longitudinal free modes jointly. The model is based on the simplification that the coupling from the transverse vibration to the longitudinal(More)
—Adaptive Fourier analyzers have been developed for measuring periodic signals with unknown or changing fundamental frequency. Typical applications are vibration measurements and active noise control related to rotating machinery and calibration equipment that can avoid the changes of the line frequency by adaptation. Higher frequency applications have(More)
—This paper presents a new nonlinear least-squares algorithm for fitting band-limited periodic signals with unknown frequency and harmonic content. The new solution features a model-based recursive calculation method that requires less memory space and has smaller computational demand than the known matrix-based algorithms.
In the recent years, digital waveguide modeling of musical instruments has proven to be an effective tool for sound synthesis purposes, but some practical questions still have remained unanswered. In this paper a new equivalent structure of the digital waveguide for string synthesis is presented. This structure can be used for highly efficient modeling of(More)
– A digital signal processor (DSP) based electromagnetic flowmeter is presented. Our development has been focused on the hardware design and signal processing problems, rather than improving or investigating the measurement principle itself. The system is able to measure the flowrate also in partially filled pipes, since it contains 4 pairs of electrodes(More)
– In distributed signal processing systems, every node samples analog signals by its own AD converter. Sampling is controlled by autonomous clocks, that are generally not synchronizable. In order to ensure synchronized operation among the different nodes of the distributed system, both the drift of these clocks, and the jitter of the sampling must be(More)