László Péter

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Although depression is known to be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disorders, the mechanisms behind this connection are not well understood. However, the reduction in the number of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in patients with cardiovascular risk factors has led us to hypothesize that depression influences the number of EPCs. EPCs(More)
Laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS) with multiple pulse excitation has been applied for the multielemental analysis of liquid steel. The laser beam and the measuring radiation are guided inside a moveable lance to gain access to the melt surface from the top. Low-alloy steel grades were investigated with a focus on the light elements phosphorus,(More)
Anti-NMDAR (N-methyl-D-aspartic acid receptor) encephalitis, first described in 2007, is a rare, autoimmune limbic encephalitis. In half of the cases anti-NMDAR antibodies are paraneoplastic manifestations of an underlying tumor (mostly ovarian teratoma). In the early stage of the disease psychiatric symptoms are prominent, therefore 60-70% of the patients(More)
The number of biomarkers has increased to a great extent in the last years, but we have no marker in practice to help in the diagnosis of depression or to estimate the effectiveness of therapy. In depression we can measure the activation and aggregation of platelets, and the parallel secretion of ATP. Antidepressive therapy decreases aggregation and leads(More)
The aim of our retrospective study was to evaluate the diagnostic and therapeutic characteristics of 100 patients who were admitted in our psychiatric department from an index date. Previous investigation showed high prevalence of comorbidity in patients with psychiatric disorders. The most common psychiatric comorbidities included dementia (20%), alcohol(More)
Depression is a common comorbid condition in patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and a well-known risk factor for the development of CVD and CV mortality too. Depression and CVD are prevalent public health problems in the Western world. The background mechanisms underlying the relationship between depression and CVD are not well clarified. In this(More)
Acute manifestations of various psychopathological symptoms require detailed differential diagnostic procedure, since their cause is found to be somatic in several cases. These adverse events during the treatment are often the side effects of the prescribed drugs or drug-drug interactions. In the presented case report, the patient had complex(More)
Marchiafava-Bignami disease (MBD) is caused by damage of the corpus callosum. There are acute, subacute and chronic forms, it occurs most frequently among alcoholic patients. A variety of neurological symptoms, epileptic seizures, and coma may be associated with the disease, but the chronic form may start with acute confusion and dementia, interhemispherial(More)
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