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The choice of natural language technology appropriate for a given language is greatly impacted by density (availability of digitally stored material). More than half of the world speaks medium density languages , yet many of the methods appropriate for high or low density languages yield suboptimal results when applied to the medium density case. In this(More)
The paper provides an overview of the open source Hungarian language resources that the SzóSzablya 'WordSword' project is creating. An extensive crawl of the .hu domain yielded a raw dataset of over 18m web pages. We discuss the methods used to detect and remove duplicates, low quality, foreign, and mixed language documents, and describe the resulting(More)
The ispell family of spellcheckers is perhaps the single most widely ported and deployed open-source language tool. Here we describe how the SzóSzablya 'WordSword' project leverages ispell's Hungarian descendant, HunSpell, to create a whole set of related tools that tackle a wide range of low-level NLP-related tasks such as character set normalization,(More)
Endotoxin challenge leads to septic shock, multi-organ failure and death in mice. Permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is increased by endotoxemia. Serum amyloid P component (SAP) is a lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-binding protein that can modulate the host reactions during infections. It is controversial whether SAP can protect from LPS toxicity in(More)
  • Huba Thesis, László Németh, Katalin Palkovics, Hangos, I Auszug, D Degree In
  • 2004
This dissertation deals with a mechatronic protection valve that is a part of the new generation air management systems applied in pneumatic brake systems of commercial vehicles. The main goal of the thesis is to elaborate on the dynamic modelling, to prepare and apply a model simplification approach, to identify the unknown model parameters and to develop(More)
In this paper we introduce a new type of Pascal's pyramids. The new object is called hyperbolic Pascal pyramid since the mathematical background goes back to the regular cube mosaic (cubic honeycomb) in the hyperbolic space. The definition of the hyperbolic Pascal pyramid is a natural generalization of the definition of hyperbolic Pascal triangle ([2]) and(More)
ii Introduction Welcome to the ACL Workshop on Software, the first of its kind. It is intended as a venue for discussing and comparing the implementation of software and algorithms used in Natural Language and Speech Processing. The goal is to bring together researchers, software developers, teachers, and students with a common interest in the(More)