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The authors analyzed the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility, Form A, scores of 1,887 subjects. In addition to the usual self-scoring, trained observers also scored the behavioral manifestations of the subjects according to the same standardized criteria during the sessions. Self- and observer-scoring proved to be internally consistent and highly(More)
A simplified version of the Hueckel operator was worked out to preserve all the advantages of the original one with a running time considerably shorter. Its concept is based on the reinterpretation of the Hueckel operator as a template matching method. This reinterpretation renders some theoretical and computational simplifications possible. As a result, an(More)
In this communication the terminology and the notations of the paper of Martelli [1] are used throughout. A similar treatment is given in the book of Nilsson [2]. Familiarity with at least one of these works is assumed to read this paper. 1. An improved version of Martelli's algorithm B Martelli in his algorithm B improved the classical algorithm A for(More)
  • László Méro
  • 1981
An algorithm is described for optimal following of the lines in digitized TV pictures. Initially, the picture is subjected to an edge detection operation resulting in short edge-line pieces (strokes). The bifurcation points of the lines in the picture are detected on the basis of variances in stroke angles. A mathematical model using graph theoretical(More)
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